Friday, June 7, 2013

72-73 OPC Team Canada Series 2 Insert - Ken Dryden

 First, who doesn't love the 72 Summit Series? Second, who doesn't love floating heads? Well if you love both, then I recommend the 72-73 OPC insert set. 28 floating heads of all your favourite Team Canada players.
Here is the checklist of the set:

1. Don Awrey
2. Red Berenson
3. Gary Bergman
4. Wayne Cashman
5. Bobby Clarke
6. Yvan Cournoyer
7. Ken Dryden
8. Ron Ellis
9. Phil Esposito
10. Tony Esposito
11. Rod Gilbert
12. Bill Goldsworthy
13. Vic Hadfield
14. Paul Henderson
15. Dennis Hull
16. Guy Lapointe
17. Frank Mahovlich
18. Pete Mahovlich
19. Stan Mikita
20. Jean-Paul Parise
21. Brad Park
22. Gilbert Perreault
23. Jean Ratelle
24. Mickey Redmond
25. Serge Savard
26. Rod Seiling
27. Pat Stapleton
28. Bill White

A pretty thorough list if you ask me, and they include players who may have only been in a game or two and the Series stars like Espo, Clarke and Henderson. The set books for about 300 dollars in strong condition, but deals can be had online that is for sure. Last summer I bought a bunch of these at my LCS (actually all the ones they had in stock) so I have about 28.5% of the set. My next series of posts will be my 72-73 Team Canada cards.

72-73 OPC Series 3 Team Canada Insert - Ken Dryden
Mr Burns might have had a serious issue with these side burns, but there is a young and fresh looking Ken Dryden. Sorry about the tape stains, they came free when the card. Booked  for 50, I paid 5. 

Here is the back side of the card, in pretty great shape actually, a great lengthy write-up in both of Canada's national languages and a summary of his series performance. Hard to believe with a 4.75 GAA he would have even won a single game let alone 2.

If you were like me and you are seeing these cards for the first time, you certainly would comment on how UG-LEE the fronts of them are. Looks like the rainbow forest on the front with a floating head in the middle. Then contrasting that is a very plain and simple back which is very text heavy. I actually have grown to like the fronts and the back are just awesome. Stats and facts, no frills. Thanks OPC!

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