Friday, August 17, 2012

A Couple Masterpieces

It seems my LCS is adding singles by the day and that means for fun finds and great deals. I was in a little while back, just browsing for a particular card and I ended up leaving with a small stack so I guess that means I get a few extra posts for my dollar! One set I never collected is the 08-09 UD Masterpieces set. I wasn't a fan of the price/hit ratio and I figured as time would go by, deals might eventually arise. 

Here are two little gems that set me back about 7 dollars total.

08-09 UD Masterpieces Canvas Clippings Scotty Bowman
 The greatest coach in NHL history (according to me)! This is actually a game used swatch of something, (tie maybe?) and I love it. I remember getting my 74-75 OPC Bowman rookie was a kid and thought it was one of the best cards in the world. He would go on to win MORE Stanley Cups which just boggles the mind how he can do it year in and year out with so many different clubs.Truly one of the best hockey minds the game has ever known.

08-09 UD Masterpieces Canvas Clippings Richard Brodeur
If I was to tell you one of these cards was event used, would you have guess it was the Brodeur? Crazy, but I guess his game used jerseys are harder to come by or something. Just a really cool looking card, I couldn't leave this card behind for 2 dollars.

If you have a chance to get a good deal on a Canvas Clippings, snatch it up. The designs are just awesome and they look good whether you are into game used or not! They are certainly one of the better designs I have seen from that particular year.


  1. Nice additions for the buck. I especially like the Bowman clipping.

  2. Can't turn down those deals! I have the same Brodeur card except my swatch is a greenish/blue, I think I like the red better, it matches the jersey on the card.

  3. Love the Masterpieces set, both really solid additions. Nice work. I need to find myself one of those Scotty Bowman's...