Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jack Valiquette Auto

I decided to check out the weekly flea market in my little town based on a rumour that someone was selling cards there weekly. Sure enough there is a guy there who once had a card shop and is now selling at the flea market and out of his house. Within a few seconds I knew that he was a typical LCS owner as all cards were listed at high book value, but he was offering a discount on most cards of 50% off.  Seeing JP Dumont cards listed at 15 bucks turned me off pretty quickly, but he did have some cheap wax, and one box was 98-99 Topps. I have never seen these cards, and at 20 bucks for the box I figured it might we worth a look. I then began to look around for a package deal I could make and I found this auto. 24 bucks got me the box and this auto. 

04-05 ITG Franchises Auto A-JVA Jack Valiquette
A former NHLer and a member of the Colorado Rockies who I came across for the very first time a couple days ago (will mention in a future post). The signature is very cool and as far as NHL careers go, there are very few strangers than Jacks. Check out his bio at Legends of Hockey. He did post back to back 20+ goal seasons with the Rockies before calling it quits at the age of 25.

Here is what the back looks like, after all these years ITG still keeps the formula going. This back looks very similar to the back on their current release autos.

I am very fond of this card, and the front design is pretty cool. I have seen them before online, but in person they are much nicer!