Tuesday, July 10, 2012

53-54 Parkhurst - Al Rollins

With 5 cards in the 53-54 set in my collection including the 5th most expensive card (Tim Horton), I guess you can say I am a long way from completing the set, but I am making progress. Well a little while ago, I landed 5 more cards bringing my total up to 10 which of course is 10% of the set. Here is what I would call card number 6.

53-54 Parkhurst #82 Al Rollins
I think it is safe to say this card is fair at best and most likely poor (The back is perfectly clean). Still, there is something cool about this card. I don't know if it is the landscape layout, the autograph that I will never own, of just the pose of Al as he drops the blocker and paddle down to try and stop one of the legendary greats. I am loving this set more and more with each card I get.


  1. Crazy to think how old that card is and how equipment has changed

  2. Goalie cards from the 1950s are always awesome. The action shots from Parkhurst where you can get a look at the facial expressions are particularly neat. Very cool. I hadn't seen that one before.