Monday, July 9, 2012

Adam Larsson Rookie - Pros and Cons of SP Game Used

I would like to begin this post by saying, I have never bought a pack or box of SP Game Used. I intend to at some point, but I just haven't yet. For those of you who have priced it out or bought a box the packs will run you about 35-40 bucks and boxes are between 180 and 200 bucks (depending on location and taxes).

I could have bought a box of 11/12 SP Game Used last week, but I instead went with Certified and I haven't lost any sleep over my decision. If you are unfamiliar with the product, you get 6 packs in a box and each pack has at least one hit. The hit is going to be a game used card. Sometimes there will be an auto on your game-used card and other times there will be a rookie in the pack as well. Rookies fall every three packs or two per box. Sometimes you can get a third rookie and the rookies are numbered to /699 or /99 this year. 

The problem with the product boils down to VALUE. 8 hits in a box (6 game used and 2 rookies) is a pretty nice box, but at 200 bucks you are getting your hits at 25 bucks a piece. The game used cards can often be had for under 5 bucks a piece for common players and the rookies are the same if you get a common /699. So in the end you can pay 200 bucks and end up with 50 bucks in cardboard. But, it is the chase for the big rookies, cool inserts and rare cards that make the chase that much more exciting, but if you are unlucky you can lose big. 

A while back I made a trade with Tim from the Real DFG and I landed this Adam Larsson card.

11/12 SP Game Used Adam Larsson Rookie /99
This is one of the base rookies that are numbered to 99. There are 10 cards in the set numbered to 99 and the numbering is a sticker on what is intended to look like a circuit board which is why it scanned funny. The card is pretty cool looking, much nicer than the 07/08 SP Game Used cards.

Glad to have this card as part of my collection and certainly glad to have so many fellow bloggers out there to make trades with!

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