Saturday, July 21, 2012

76-77 OPC Mystery Boxes

Well after the success of my 79-80 Topps box, I thought I would take a gamble on two boxes that were labelled 76-77 and 75-76/76-77. The results were absolutely amazing.

First off, there was a nearly full 700 ct box of 76-77 OPC and then the other box was about 1/3 76-77 OPC, there was a pile of 76-77 Topps and then a pile of other random cards including a pile from 75-76 OPC. For those interested, the 75-76 are in pretty rough shape and likely wouldn't be that attractive to many people. There was also a small pile of 90-91 Pro Set which are now in the recycling bin and a few other totally random cards which I will share in a later post. I also found a small pile of 79-80 OPC which I put in a box going to 1967ers.

After combing the random box first, I was able to build a huge chunk of the set. The strange thing was part of this box was actually sorted and in order. Of the first 130 cards in the set I had like 115 of them in numerical order. Included in the random box was this card:

76-77 OPC #67 Bryan Trottier Record Breaker

As you can see, the corners aren't perfect and there is a little wear on the back, but really....not too shabby for the age and was a bit better than what I was expecting since the 79-80 box didn't have this many star cards.

In the end between the two boxes and some rookies I already had in my collection, I was able to get 386 out of 396 cards! That is an amazing 97% of a 36 year old set. The condition of most cards I would say is near mint, but there are some that look like Bryan above and I used my Bryan Trottier rookie I bought a while back which I would say is about Ex condition. So in all, the set would be EX-Mint-ish but more than acceptable for a collector like myself.

The remaining 10 cards are biggies including Orr, Dryden, Lafleur and Clarke, but still can be had for decent prices if I am not rushing to finish and willing to accept Ex condition. If anyone has these cards up for trade, please let me know and maybe we can work something out. Still this was a super fun task, and I am really glad I made the trade and got these two boxes.

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