Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A New PC Damon Severson Let's Start With a Pair of Upper Deck Premier

For a good length of time the Devils had one of the best defense corps in the NHL. I think in some cases it was so good that it overshadowed the amazing play of Martin Brodeur and perhaps cost him a Vezina or two. However, that blue-line was not built over night and only a handful of years ago the Devils were faced with a pretty weak blue that was dubbed the No-Name Defense. Truth is, they played well but it was a combination of great goaltending and a good system.  Since 2011 the Devils have been re-tooling and our defense has improved greatly and I believe with a little offensive help up front we could be back in the playoffs next season.

One big key to our defensive success will ride on the shoulders of Damon Severson. He broke into the NHL on an amazing pace last year until a broken ankle set him back a bit. This season the confidence slowly came back and he finished the year pretty strong. Now, he is in the AHL since the Devils missed out on the post-season helping the Utica Devils in their quest for the Calder Cup. Through 2 games thus far he has 3 points and they are in action yet again tonight.

14-15 Upper Deck Premier Rookies Damon Severson /249

14-15 Upper Deck Premier Rookies Silver Spectrum Damon Severson /125

Here are a pair of Upper Deck Premier insert cards. The differences are pretty obvious and while I like the design of the base Premier Rookie insert, the Silver Spectrum parallel has a nice look to it in person and the swatch is a nice addition. I picked up a lot deal on Severson last summer and a few other singles here and there that I will share as part of my new PC.

I am a big fan of this kid and feel from what I have seen is he's a poor man's Aaron Ekblad and I believe both him and Adam Larsson would be great cornerstones to the Devils rebuild on the blueline. Time will tell what his potential truly is but in the meantime I am enjoying collecting him so please keep an eye out for future posts!

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