Friday, April 8, 2016

13-14 Totally Certified Boone Jenner Auto Jersey Rookie

13-14 brought it's fair share of rookies and rookie cards. Being the final year of the dual license and dual rookie class meant rookies galore for collectors. Boone Jenner is one rookie a few years ago that some collectors might have had on their radar but probably for the most part were caught up in plenty of others to pay him much attention.

I have known about Boone ever since his OHL days thanks to a few hits from ITG Heroes and Prospects and as a result have had a bit of a soft spot for this power forward. This past season has been a spectacular one for him personally and even The Hockey News has given him some praise on his season to remember.  With 2 games to go, Boone has 30 goals and 48 points and I believe this is just the beginning of many 30 goals seasons for the 22 year old sniper. Here is one of two auto rookies I picked up in the last year and a bit.

13-14 Totally Certified Boone Jenner Auto Jersey Rookie
This is one of the few times I really appreciate a nice white swatch. It almost pops out of the card. The design of the card isn't too hard on the eyes and apart from the card not being numbered there really isn't much to complain about it. 

 This season of Boone's has brought additional joy to an old hit of his that I am going to share once again!
11-12 ITG Heroes and Prospects Boone Jenner Game Used Number Black /6

Congrats on the great season Boone. I am looking forward to seeing how your career progresses and perhaps you can help bring Columbus the success that has so far alluded it as a franchise.


  1. Great couple of cards Dave! He definitely knows how to put the puck in the net, and I agree that there should be more 30 goal seasons in his future.

    1. Thanks! With Saad and a good draft position that should only help Boone get the puck more often.