Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Parkhurst Project Card 16

This is currently THE BEST Parkie in my set. I suspected when I put a bid on this auction I would like the results but when it arrived I was blown away. The card is clean, crease free and even has a sharp corner. The other three are varying degrees of roundness but in all, a pretty decent card. If it were graded, I think it could be as high as a 5....certainly at least a 4, but then again who knows. I would be curious to know what some of the grading experts out there think!

Front side
Back side
Not only is this card in pretty decent shape, but Tom Johnson was one hell of a player. Tom is a HOF'er who won 6 Cups as an all-star defenseman as well as an addition Cup as the head coach of the Bruins. In addition, he won an eighth cup as a member of Bruins management. Many think if Tom wasn't holding down the fort while Doug Harvey was rushing up the ice, he too could have been a pretty good offensive defenseman. Tom was no slouch on either end of the ice playing sound defensive hockey while still racking up 264 points in 979 career games. His finest offensive season happened in 58-59 which had him winning the Norris Trophy and scoring 39 points in 70 games including 10 goals.

I am pretty pleased to add this card into my set and I hope to get a few more in the future that are as good looking as this.

Card #7 and #16 of 105 in my set

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  1. Very, very, very nice. Those cards are really something when you get one in nice shape. You're realy making some headway now on that set.