Monday, December 12, 2011

Expo Cards- What are your thoughts?

A little while back, I landed a few "rookie" cards from the local swap meet which included some Expo cards. It certainly has been my experience that Expo cards are often available for a lot cheaper than their regular release counterparts and aren't respected as much.

The other day I came across this card when looking for some game-used Alex Delvecchio cards:

What do you think of this card? What would you pay for it? Is it worth any less because it is an Expo card?

I fell in love with this card almost immediately. Sawchuck, Ullman, Delvecchio and Crozier, this was one cool collection of stars and I grew up idolizing Delvecchio so this one was a little more personal than some.

Sure I am part of the (majority/minority?) who likes these gimmick cards but lets face it, Sawchuck's glove, and some game-used "sweater" pieces of some pretty amazing NHL legends is something that many collectors can appreciate.

I talked it over with my wife (I do that sometimes) and came to a price of what I felt the card was worth to me and made that my highest bid. As time went by the price didn't change, I was in the lead. With about 5 min to go the price ticked up a little bit, but in the end I did have the winning bid and I was actually about 8 bucks below my max price.

Is this card any less cool then because it is an Expo card? I honestly think I would have paid the same for this card if it wasn't an Expo card. But I am curious to your thoughts? Do you buy Expo cards?


  1. I will buy (or trade for) expo cards if I find them, but I don't necessarily seek them out. To me, they are a unique item but not a "must have".

  2. Love 'em. They are a part of my player collector wantlist.

    As for the expo card you have, I really like it because there is no 'regular' counterpart. This card was only made as an expo redemption card.

    I like that more than a parallel expo card.

    Nice pickup.

  3. Not sure if they are "worth" less but in my mind I'd be just as likely to pick one up as I would be any normal card. That card is awesome, regardless of whether it came from a pack or an expo!

  4. Great comments guys, and I certainly do appreciate Expo cards that aren't parallels more than ones that would be parallels.

    Thanks for the background info bamlinden, I will appreciate it that much more. Is there any way to find out if other Expo cards have parallels or not?

  5. I don't mind expo cards, especially ones that were made exclusively for an expo or an event! I'm not chasing expo cards that are the same as a base card, but with an expo stamp though... It has to be somewhat special (such as your card)!