Friday, January 6, 2017

14-15 Fleer Showcase Hot Prospects Red Glow Damon Severson /27

Continuing along with 14-15 Fleer Showcase, here is one more for my Damon Severson PC which is the complement of this card. I sometimes roll my eyes when companies pump out parallel after parallel and pretty much use up every gem type known to man with their naming. However, Fleer Showcase keeps the list pretty short and the different levels offer something unique as well. In the case of Damon Severson his Red Glow cards are with the fight strap off his jersey which is pretty cool and adds something extra to plain white relic! 

14-15 Fleer Showcase Hot Prospects Red Glow Damon Severson Auto Strap  /27
As you can see, my scanner had issues on what part of the card to focus on and it looks like the auto and the Fleer foil were the winners meanwhile lots of the other text lost. In person it's a pretty nice looking card and looks nice on display (you'll have to take my word for it). There is also a White Hot version /3 but I have not yet stumbled across it and I suspect it could never happen either. However, I will always keep my ears to the streets and maybe I will luck into it and complete my hat trick. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday to those reading this today!


  1. Makes for a nice pair indeed! Good luck landing the /3 someday!

  2. Thanks Shane! I will need it but I am sure life will go on if I never land it too.