Friday, June 24, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2015-16 Art Ross, Hart and Ted Lindsay Award Winner...Patrick Kane

After so many seasons of having hot starts to only cool off or to have an injury limit Patrick Kane's season totals, he finally wins the Art Ross many projected he would win some day. Who would have thought all it took was a slow developing Russian winger to finally give him the offensive support to be able to go wire to wire. While Kane has steadily developed year after year, I believe he owes a great deal of thanks to Artemi Panarin who helped Kane reach the next level in terms of offense and in turn made Panarin the Calder winner and potentially a star for years to come.

Kane's offensive output this season has really pushed his cardboard prices up and thankfully I was able to land this one a while back before the spike in values happened. 

07-08 OPC Premier Patrick Kane Auto Rookie /299
Two sets I really love and are underappreciated in the 07-08 year are OPC Premier and UD Sweet Shot. This rookie has 4 swatches, on card auto and a respectable print run of 299 copies. All three are winners in my opinion and the book price isn't much different than his much beloved Young Gun.

Here's the backside for those who like that type of thing. I love the photo on the back is a larger and less cropped photo from the front but I dislike the lack of Patrick Kane info.

So what does Mr. Kane do this summer to prepare for next season? Hopefully he stays out of trouble and just trains and rests. What does Mr. Kane do for an encore next season? That is anyone's guess but given the chemistry him and the Breadman have I wouldn't be surprised if its a 4 way race for the Art Ross next season between Kane, Benn, Crosby and McDavid.


  1. WHOA! What a fantastic card Dave, congrats on adding that one to your collection. I think any hockey card collector in their right mind would be proud of that one!

    1. Thanks! I completely agree and it takes the sting out of the fact that Patrick Kane probably sent an autograph to my old address after a few years of waiting to sign my rookie I sent him.