Friday, June 17, 2016

13-14 Dominion Gold Alex Galchenyuk Auto Rookie /25

Before the passing of Mr. Hockey, it was my intention to share this card next but alas losing a legend takes priority over brags and shares.

This particular card was picked up last year before the season started in the hopes that Alex Galchenyuk would have a break out season and I could either enjoy the break out or eventually use the card as trade bait. Well Alex held up his end of the bargain but potting 30 goals and hit a career high of 56 points. There were times where he just seemed unstoppable but there were a few stretches where he did have some cold spells. I am a firm believer that this is just the beginning of things to come for this kid and in a few seasons I believe he will be a consistent 80+ point guy and the people in the "La Belle Province" will be sporting his number 27 on their hockey sweaters.

13-14 Dominion Gold Alex Galchenyuk Auto Rookie /25
Not exactly a "patch" which is my lone disappointment with this card but otherwise it has everything on it that makes it a winner and I am pleased to have it in my collection. Is it available for trade? Perhaps, but in the words of many NHL GM's "I am not actively shopping it around". Like the growth Alex has shown this past season I am still hopeful that Nail Yakupov can do the same stuff his former teammate and friend has done.


  1. Very impressive card Dave, and that's coming from a Bruins fan! ;-)

    1. Thanks Shane, I agree that is big praise from a Bruins fan to appreciate a Habs card ;)