Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#UDRAK - Upper Deck Random Act of Kindness

Ok...round 2....FIGHT! Seriously let's try this again but rather than share what I did last time let's just get to the facts. I was lucky enough to receive a package from Upper Deck as a Random Act of Kindness (#UDRAK) after my BFAM Tom had nominated me and I was selected. 

The package was AMAZING and came during a day that wasn't going so good for me and really made my day and month for that matter! Here is what was inside:

New Additions for my Adam Henrique PC
11-12 SP Authentic Rookie HoloFX. This card is very cool in person and was missing from my PC. Doesn't scan the best but trust me when I say it looks very very cool.

14-15 Upper Deck Game Jersey. Another one that was missing from my PC and as with all Game Jersey cards is very welcomed in my home.

14-15 Artifacts Tundra Tandems. The future of the Devils on a single card, I say "Nice"!

11-12 SP Authentic Future Watch. This on card auto rookie is my favourite of the bunch and happened to be needed for my PC so once again thank you Upper Deck for selecting 4 well needed cards!

In addition to the Henrique Cards I also received two more surprise cards and two boxes of Upper Deck Dinosaurs!!! Here are the results of those two boxes.

Patch Cards
Is this the Connor McDavid of the Dino World? This dino was very similar to the Ankylosaurus except it didn't have a clubbed tail and its spike were far more pronounced.

This card sparked a question: "Who is the best NHLer from Utah?" Turns out there have been only 4 to come from that state and the best by far is Steve Konowalchuk.

3-D Cards
As I mentioned in my box review of Upper Deck Dinosaurs the 3-D cards are among my favourites of the product and I was able to pull this Arrhinoceratops as one of my 8.

Here is a 3-D card of a dinosaur most probably know about, the good old Iguanodon.

Here is my second triceratops, I was able to pull one in my first box too.

Here is another example of a dinosaur I have never heard of before pulling this 3-D Mussaurus.

Giraffatitan as I am sure you could guess was tall! This particular dinosaur could grow to as much as 74 feet in length (22.5 meters).

Ahh the Dilophosaurus! This was a pretty cool dinosaur in the original Jurassic Park movie and could be best remembered for spitting on Newman. I originally embedded the clip like I have had so many others and given it didn't turn out well I am going to skip it this time and leave it up to you to find!

What is considered the largest land animal that has ever lived, the Argentinosaurus has been estimated to be 130 ft long and 150 000 lbs.  That carnivore looks frightened to say the least.

Artist Signature
I was able to land my second Benito Gallego auto and this time it is on his drawing of a Quetzalcoatlus which is pretty sweet!

Predators of the Sea
In three boxes I have opened in total, I pulled one of these and they are without a doubt a great looking card. They have a shadowbox feel to them and they are a well made card which both my oldest and I were really happy to have found.

1/1 Sketch Cards

My first was a Kronosaurus and like my last box I feel I really lucked out with an awesome sketch card. This is also my second sketch by this artist (Eric Van Elslande) which speaks to his talent as far as my eyes go.

Here is the backside of the card.

My second one is a Quetzalcoatlus which made an appearance earlier in this post as an artist signatures card. This sketch is different than the previous two both in terms of artist and style as this one feels slightly different in comparison to the previous two. However I still very much like this one as well and plan on keeping all three instead of trading them.

On the back side we see a signature but at this moment I haven't been able to determine which artist made this sketch but I will keep at it until I figure it out! Check back for an update/edit on this one.

That was it for my two boxes but that wasn't all in the package from Upper Deck...Upper Deck had one last huge surprise for me and I have indeed saved the BEST for LAST!!

08-09 Upper Deck Champs Fossils and Artifacts Woolly Mammoth Femur x 2

Yeah!!! That's a fossil in a card and I was so very very fortunately to receive two of them! The boys and I were in awe of this piece of history. The next part is you can actually see the texture from inside the bone where the marrow would have been.

Here is the second one, each piece as unique as a finger print.
The best part is the back which explains to you about the Woolly Mammoth and where the fossil was recovered which just adds to the coolness of these cards. It's almost (but better) than getting a jersey card and knowing exactly when it was worn. I bought many packs of 08-09 Champs just hoping to land a redemption of a fossil card and even bid on a number of them on eBay as well with no success. I think when you consider all that with the sheer coolness of these cards speaks to how much they mean to me and is a huge cherry on top of an amazing treat.

So that was my UDRAK package and I can't thank both Upper Deck and Tom enough for the kindness they have shown me in terms of nominating me and then blowing me away with the awesome contents of that package. I hope you enjoyed this post at least a tiny fraction as much as I loved receiving it. Thank you Upper Deck and Chris Carlin for the kindness you have shown me, and I hope to pay it forward in the coming months and years. 


  1. WOW! Great stuff Dave, those mammoth cards are so cool!

  2. Not a big fan of the dinosaur cards in general but those woolly mammoth cards are incredibly cool!

  3. Wow! Utterly amazing stuff. Did the song Woolly Bully come to mind?

  4. Amazing package from Upper Deck! Great way to start the week. That fossil card is so cool; like, now you own an actual piece of a wolly mammoth.

  5. Amazing package from Upper Deck! Great way to start the week. That fossil card is so cool; like, now you own an actual piece of a wolly mammoth.

  6. Thanks guys! The Mammoth cards seriously blew me away and I'd love to track down a T-Rex one some day.

    @Marc it didn't...until now!

    Agreed Brad, Upper Deck seriously out did themselves and I still am in shock.