Wednesday, March 30, 2016

14-15 Upper Deck The Cup Kerby Rychel Auto Patch Rookie /249

As many of you know, I am a bit of a prospector when it comes to cards. I love buying cards when no one cares about them and watches them increase in desirability where I will occasionally sell them or trade them for others. Other times I just keep them for life and just enjoy owning a card at the fraction it would have cost me had I bought it later than I did.

This is a case of prospecting and it's Kerby Rychel.

14-15 Upper Deck The Cup Kerby Rychel Auto Patch Rookie /249
Kerby doesn't possess much of an autograph and it actually looks similar to Adam Larsson and their names are nothing alike. The patch is pretty sweet and while it is pretty small, it features three colours and works very well with this card.

The backside is pretty good and Upper Deck has continued the trend of including stats on the back which is very much appreciated by this collector. Kerby had very good junior numbers and when you combine them with the physical game he plays, I believe he is going to be a great power forward in the league. Perhaps not as good as Corey Perry but give him another couple seasons and he will be an integral part of whatever team he is playing for.

This season hasn't gone as well has he hoped I am sure. Kerby has even gone as far as apparently asking for a trade and while that didn't happen this season, a change of venue could offer new possibilities and a chance to reach his potential. I am looking forward to seeing how his career progresses and having this card is a small investment into that journey as a collector.


  1. That is a sharp looking card. The patch is nice. The signature, not so much but, at least you get a "52" that's legible.

    Any interest in a Jason Bonsignore super collection?

  2. Nice looking card, hard to tell how good he could be playing on that Columbus team. He's been a plus player though as far as plus minus at this very early stage in his career, which probably isn't the easiest thing to do playing for the Jackets!