Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Give me an A - Probably one of the coolest names in the NHL

Radko Gudas. In my opinion one of the most unique names I have ever heard and probably as cool as Zarley Zalapski!

I have made loads of Twitter trades in the last couple months and now time is a bit on my side I hope to start sharing some of them.

13-14 UD Ultimate Radko Gudas Debut Threads Ultimate Patch /100
Here is a pretty awesome patch with some very nice holo-foiling around it. This patch features a good portion of the Tampa A as well as a piece of the T and M. These are the types of patches we are used to seeing ITG and Panini pump out and now UD is getting their act together. I hope we see more patches like this in the future on cards with this large of a print run!


  1. Nice card! I also want to say that I agree, Radko Gudas is probably my favorite name in hockey right now. There's just something about it.

  2. Awesome card, and a name I've always found comical as well. Great pick-up Dave.