Monday, November 17, 2014

2011/12 Dominion Adam Henrique Patch Auto Rookie /99 - Another captured whale

It seems sometimes when I get a bit of steam going on this blog, something comes up and derails it. Sadly its been a while since my last post so I decided to get it back on track with a big landing! Adam Henrique is my number 2 PC these days and I am starting to try and treat it and him like my 1B PC. What would be better than to land what I believe to be his nicest rookie! 

2011/12 Dominion Adam Henrique Patch Auto Rookie /99

With all due respect to The Cup, I am a bigger fan on the design Panini used this particular season and just for comparison sakes, here is my The Cup version of Adam:

 Now, everyone has their own preference and opinion, but I like the larger swatch and design the Dominion card better than The Cup and the numbering to /99 gives it a more premium feel (on the inside). With the being said, I do like that the back of The Cup does have stats but the write ups on the Dominion set aren't too shabby either. I believe the fronts carry enough to make up for The Cup having the better back. 

So being limited to 99 means landing this card was a little tougher but time and patience always pays off and I was able to get it with limited damage to my collection which is always fantastic!


  1. Very nice card Dave, that's quite a tandem you've got in The Cup and Dominion.

    1. Thanks Shane! I was trying to actually cook up a deal for yet another The Cup but sadly it didn't come to fruition. However, I hope to maybe track down another from either and maybe if I am lucky it will be a Gold version.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Not sure if you've noticed yet, but you ended up winning my contest over at MHCO.

    Throw me a comment, e-mail or Twitter message with your address and I will get your cards off to you right away.


    1. Thanks Brett!!!

      Your contest was truly an amazing idea and I appreciated a chance to enter and win.