Monday, February 24, 2014

Parkhurst Project Card 30 and 31

This post will feature two additions. The first is my last pick up for the Parkhurst project and the other is my Edgar Laprade rookie which I have decided will be included in the set. This is a card that I thought I had already owned but when Bamlinden of My Hockey Card Obsession posted his Meatball I realized that I didn't have it. Not that I went on a mission to find it immediately but as I watch auctions I always look for deals and this one was a deal. I won it a penny below my max and it pretty much ate up the rest of my lingering PayPal money. 

Metro Prystai was a very solid NHL'er who played 11 season and put up some impressive numbers. 151 career goals and 330 career points including three 20+ goal seasons and two 50+ points seasons. He won three Cups with the Red Wings. Sadly he passed away this past Fall at the age of  85. He was a month shy of his 86th birthday but had outlived two spouses!

The card itself is in pretty awesome shape. There is a little wear on the corners and a small ding/crease on the top right corner but really it is in fantastic shape otherwise. Super happy to land this for as little as I paid for it.


Card # 65, 96 and # 30, 31 of my set

Percentage Complete:


Cost of the Card:

$10.00 (including 3 for shipping)

Total Cost of Set to Date:


This total includes the cost of my Edgar Laprade rookie.


  1. Really enjoying watching this set come together. What are you storing them in?

  2. Thanks, I appreciate your feedback and support! At the moment, all the ungraded ones are in toploaders (full size ones). I have seen mini top loaders that they fit into but without penny sleeves I am hesitant to use them. I don't want them in binders because I enjoy looking at them individually but really I am not sure how to store or display them at this time other than top loaders. Any ideas? How do you store yours?