Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Casey of House of Oglethorpe Gives Me More Than I Bargained For

Casey of Drop The Gloves House of Oglethorpe had struck a deal with me for a card that he offered up from his collection. I agreed to an awesome deal and when it arrived,  it arrived with some extra coolness. The card which which was the focus of the deal,  I will share at a later date. Here are extras that arrived with it and I can't thank Casey enough for his kindness and generosity.

08-09 UD Masterpieces Alex Delvecchio Brushstrokes Brown Auto
This is the set that sparked the canvas craze in current UD products. Originally Masterpieces was product done all in the style of canvas (base and inserts). Alex has a great on card auto here with a photo that UD has over used but the design of the card more than makes up for it. If you notice Alex's stick, there were clearly rations on hockey tape back in the late 60s and early 70s.

2001-02 BAP Signature Series Igor Larionov
Here is another gift from Casey. NHL HOF'er all round winner Igor Larionov.
Check out this resume:
2 time WJHC Gold medalist
4 time World Champion
1 time Canada Cup Champ
2 time Olympic Gold Medalist
Olympic Bronze Medalist
and 3 time Stanley Cup Champion.

For a player who spent most of his prime playing in Russia, he came over to Canada at the age of 29 and rattled off 14 pretty impressive NHL seasons. This also completes another HOF'er off my RC/Memorabilia list. Like most collectors I have dozens of Larionov rookies it was much harded to land the auto than the rookie here.

Thank you very very much Casey for the beautiful additions and I will soon share the center piece of our deal.


  1. UD Masterpieces Brushstrokes is one of the coolest hockey autographed sets around... and as a SJ Sharks fan, I'm glad I had the pleasure of watching Larionov (and Makarov) for a couple of season in the 90's.

  2. I second Fuji on the Masterpieces autos, in fact I've got a brand new one to post later this week!

  3. Yeah it was truly an awesome surprise to receive these. I agree guys, the Masterpieces was a great product that came out as being a little pricey (80+ a box) and I shied away due to lack of rookies. I guess I regret that a little but secondary market prices of this stuff is pretty affordable so I am trying to snag stuff when I find deals.