Sunday, July 21, 2013

12-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects - Slater Koekoek Auto

I really like what ITG did with their 12-13 Heroes and Prospects autos. In the past you typically got an autograph card that was pretty much ALL auto with a little head shot off to the side. See the previous post for an example. 

However, this past year they now have a large photo which is an action shot and a reasonably large area for the autograph. I think ITG did a good job balancing subject matters here. The card is a full bleed photo so you maximize card space and the auto is still "front and center", but now the collector can enjoy a very large photo of the player whose signature is on the card. I am curious to see if ITG is planning on continuing this next season, I for one certainly hope they do. I do like what they did in the past too, don't get me wrong but I think that this new design is a keeper. 

12-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects Slater Koekoek Auto
On to the player, Slater was drafted in the 2012 Entry Draft to the Tampa Bay Lightning 10th overall. Slater could play a pretty big role in the future with the Lightning as one of their offensive defenseman. Victor Hedman and Slater could roam the blue-line on the PP or set up Stamkos or Drouin on some odd-man rushes. This past year playing 40 games with the Petes, Slater lead the defense in scoring before being sent over to Windsor and then subsequently was shut down for shoulder surgery. Slater isn't without his risks as he has had two shoulder surgeries already.

I for one hope he is able to recover successfully and resume his career but given his history, the Lightning are going to move him up slowly so that he doesn't have any major set backs.

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