Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Chip Prospects Auto - Jonathan Huberdeau

Here is the last of my Blue Chip Prospects series for now and it is the best of the lot. I give you to, the 2013 NHL Calder Trophy winner (we all know he will win), Jonathan Huberdeau. I have had a chance to see him play a few times this year thanks to NHL Centre Ice and wow was I impressed. The extra season in junior I think was a huge help because he played with a confidence that is rarely seen in rookies and his puck control was phenomenal. This kid might end up being the better offensive talent between himself, Landeskog and Ryan N-H. 

12-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects Jonathan Huberdeau Auto
Florida is a tough place to play because hockey is like the 12th favourite sport down there next to Pedestrian Polo with all the seniors down there:

However, they seem to be stock piling prospects as of late so don't be too surprised if they make the jump to the playoffs in the next season or two and if they do I assure you, Huberdeau will be a big reason for that.
Huberdeau has a terrific rookie season scoring 14 goals and 31 points which was good enough for a 1st place tie with Nail Yakupov. Huberdeau's defining game of the season came Feb 21 against the Flyers where he had 2 goals and 2 assists in a 5-2 win over the Flyers.

Here is my analysis of Jonathan Huberdeau

Probability of making the NHL : 100%
Probability of being an NHL All-Star*: 97%
Probability of being a HOF'er: 6%
Probability of making the Pyeongchang Olympics: 85%
Probability of making the Sochi Olympics: 5%
Probability of being the Greatest Florida Forward of All-Time^: 65%
Probability of being better than Jody Hull: 97.9%

* He is already Florida's best player and likely would have been at the All-Star game this year if there was one.

^Tough one here because Pavel Bure was there such a short period, but there is a strong chance he could have a much longer and more important impact than Pavel did without necessarily being as talented.

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