Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just Wayne, and about time!

Ever since I got back into collecting  and heard about these "relic" cards, I have always wanted a Gretzky. Each year they pump more of these out and thus it lowers the price of the insignificant ones. I landed my first Gretzky relic for a price I felt was very fair and I am very happy to have it!

11/12 UD Ultimate Ultimate Jerseys UJ-WG Wayne Gretzky /100

This was from the 96 All-Star game and where he did nothing offensively. It is a shame he didn't score while wearing this jersey, but at the same time it is nice to have a swatch from the game's greatest player and KNOW what game it came from. To me, that is much cooler than a random swatch which appeared who knows where and featured him doing who know what.


  1. Awesome card, I really like that one. I totally agree with you too, makes it that much cooler knowing exactly when Gretzky donned the sweater. Great post!

  2. It is cool when you can pinpoint the game. But you don't know if he wore it in the first period, second period or third. You also don't know which area of the jersey it came from. It could have been an armpit or near his right shoulder blade. It may have brushed up against another player and transferred their DNA (although it is Wayne's so probably not). You just never can tell.

    Just kidding. I'm just jealous. That is one thing I have always wanted, a GU or Auto Gretzky card. Now my personal goal is to one-up you on that one.

  3. One of the best comments I have ever read DFG!!

    There is also a small chance he just wore the jersey in warm-up, had to go to the bathroom and accidentally left a Wayne-Stain on the jersey and needed a new one for the actual game....