Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Is it time for a Pul Party in Edmonton?

Well, a few months ago my neighbour was in Las Vegas and he asked me if I wanted to lay some money down on an NHL team. At the time, odds were pretty bleak on Devils and Knights so being a casual Oilers fan I asked him to lay down a sawbuck on the Oil.

Damn, that was 10 dollars wasted. While I haven't given up complete hope, the team has struggled and I am not entirely sure what it would take to fix that club right now. McDavid is doing all he can do but the Robin to his Batman, Draisaitl, really hasn't dominated like I had expected he might and their goaltending has been down right awful. When you factor in the RNH injury and Lucic playing like he's 35 years old, someone will need to step up and make a difference in the second half if this team plans on making the post-season for a second consecutive year.

Jesse Puljujarvi has struggled again this season with Oilers and currently has 9 goals and 15 points in 34 games but of late has shown some flashes of skill and talent which had made him a player who was in the same conversation as Patrik Laine. I hope that someday he is able to find his game here in North America much like Leon Draisaitl did last season and when/if he does the Oilers should hopefully at least offer a little more offensive punch which in turn should alleviate some stress off the back end. 

16-17 Upper Deck Series 1 Jesse Puljujarvi Young Gun

Could be a good time to pick one of these up while they are still on the cheap because if he does take off much like Leon did, you could find yourself paying a 5-6x premium in a year or two. With that being said, I don't know much about the Oilers chances for making the playoffs other than SportsClubStats has them listed at 0.8% as of last night and Cam Talbot made a guarantee that they would make it. If Cam is going to be correct, McDavid will need to carry much of the load, Cam will need to improve his puck stopping and secondary scoring will need to come from players like Lucic and Puljujarvi to help overcome those odds!

What are your thoughts? Oilers dead in the water? How are things looking for your club with 30 games to go? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm really surprised the Oilers are as bad as they've been this year. They were my second favorite team for a long time, but now that Taylor Hall is a Devil and the Golden Knights exist I've cooled on them. What really worries me is that the Oilers have been just bad enough to have a chance at yet another #1 overall pick.

    As for Puljujarvi..I thought he was projected as a #1 overall pick the year before he was drafted..and when Columbus passed on him at #3 I was shocked. Maybe the Jackets made the right move, or maybe Jesse is a late bloomer and his cards have some real investment potential. I've been tempted to pick up soem cards of his...but I'm saving for a Nico Hischier YG ;)

    1. I know what you are saying. They don't resemble last year's team in the least.

      Glad you've gotten into the Knights, they seem like a cool club to support. I am looking forward to the Devils and VGK facing off in March. Should be a great test for the Devs.

      Good luck!!

  2. Bruins are maybe the most exciting young team in hockey right now, with some good veterans sprinkled in to provide leadership. Having as much fun watching them this year as I have in any season since their Cup win back in 2011!

    1. Oh my, it seems like they are just on fire. Only worry I'd have is maybe they've peaked a bit to early and will hit a cold streak in April. Still they are exciting again and it's amazing how they've retooled so quickly!