Thursday, May 12, 2016

11-12 Rookie Anthology Devante Smith-Pelly Auto Rookie /499

I have mentioned this before but it is worth saying again, I love it when you pick up cards that seem rather irrelevant at the time and they suddenly become much more important thanks to a pick up in the player's play or a trade. IN this particular case, both are true. About a year or two ago I picked up this card because I thought the increased playing time in Montreal could make him a star. Sadly, that experiment didn't go so well and he was dealt to NJ where the increased playing time there seemed to bring out the best in DSP.

DSP got himself in a little hot water during his rookie year when it turned out many of his autographs were done with an autopen. Thankfully this isn't one such card so I do have a legit auto in my collection and after the 18 game tear he did in NJ, his signature should be worth a little more because he is a pending RFA so if the Devils are hoping to keep him I am guessing he will command upwards of 2 million per year on his next contract.

In his 18 games with the Devils he played a lot on the first line where he scored 8 goals and 13 points which I know it's a stretch to extrapolate that over an 82 game season but let's pretend anyway. If he could keep that pace over a full season that could mean 36 goals and close to 60 points. Now let's come back to Earth on our projections and if the Devils resign him and he can work the same magic, I don't think a 25 goal and 45-50 point season is unreasonable making him and this card a great pick up at a low price (Stefan Matteau and 4 bucks respectively)

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