Monday, July 13, 2015

a small hiatus

Hi readers and fellow bloggers. I am writing a post not about hockey cards and not about hockey but rather about me. I have been blogging for a number of years now and have managed to string together enough words for 700+ posts. I have met many people and made many friends and even more trades. I have loved every moment of my blogging experience and I never want it to end.

Over the past 5+ years I have seen bloggers come and go, some have taken breaks and others have packed it in. There are a number of OG bloggers who have been there before me and are still going strong and regardless of who they were I have enjoyed something from everyone. It used to make me sad when I would see someone take a break or step away and in many cases I don't know if I truly understood why.

Well this past year since I developed carpal tunnel, had surgery, severe knee contusion, two bouts of bronchitis and two bouts of pneumonia. In addition there are some other life factors and it just seems that I am spread out far too thin to handle everything. I don't write this for any reason other than to share a small piece of my life to by boys when they read this and to my friends to explain that I am not ignoring anyone but rather trying to just get by :)

I will be doing a couple of things, first is I will be back and when I am, I will be posting back at my usual pace. Secondly, despite my hiatus from blogging, I will still be collecting. I always have time to flip through cards and stay in touch with my hobby so I will still be collecting and lurking behind the scenes and comments on all your great posts people.

Before I sign off for my break, I want to thank Jeff from 2x3 Heroes and Shane from Shoebox Legends for two great PWEs. I promise my first posts back will be to share your generosity. In the meantime I will be looking for ways to hit you both back! Thank you guys, you are great. I also want to thank Sal from Puck Junk not only for being an inspiration for getting me into blogging and collecting but also for a package he tried sending and hopefully will be able to get to me now that I sent him my address (sorry about that curve ball buddy).

Sports card collecting isn't just for kids and I hope each and everyone whose out there collecting is still there when I return. Thank you all for the page visits and comments over the years, I am truly humbled by the amount of people who check my site on a daily basis and have an interest in my adventures to the flea markets, swap meets and LCS.

Good night all, and see you back very soon!

Dave Harrison


  1. Good to hear from you!!!! Keep your head up and we'll look for you to get back to normal.

    Which for you, isn't what I would call "normal".

  2. We'll be here when you have time to come back. In the meantime, keep in touch!

  3. Enjoy your hiatus. Your readers will be here waiting for ya.