Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hook, line and sinker!

OK, does it make me a sucker if I know I am a sucker? Well, when Upper Deck came out with yet ANOTHER let's celebrate our past insert I was wondering when will it all end. Truth is, I have missed out on ALL the other celebrations so why would the 25th Anniversary be any different? Well nostalgia got the better of me and I guess the silver anniversary was the one that made me cave. While I have yet to buy any packs of this year's release, I did at least hold out until Series 2 came out and featured my beloved young gun buy backs and I bought a former Devil Bobby Holik for a mere couple dollars!

2014-15 (90-91) Upper Deck High Series Bobby Holik Young Gun /25
So I paid a couple dollars for a 50 cent card but it does have some foiling and a handwritten number 21/25. Enough cynicism, what I do like about the card is it represents the 25th anniversary of my collecting, its a rookie of a player who was very instrumental in the Devils winning their first two cups and finally he is wearing at sweet Whalers jersey which is just one of those uniforms that you only appreciate once its no longer in the league!


  1. Nice!!! I can't make fun of you at all, because I'm in possession of one of the other 24 copies of this card (mine's 3/25). Awesome pick-up Dave, way to rep the Whalers!

    1. Thanks! And awesome! I would suggest we try and grab all 25 between the two of us but I suspect that would not be worth it financially plus we probably would stall at like 23 copies or something crappy like that.