Saturday, February 7, 2015

Easy come, easy go and come again.

A while ago, I reluctantly traded away my Roy rookie. In all fairness, I got a pretty amazing card which did have a higher book value, but I assure you if I took the time to grade that gem, it would easily fetch full book value on that Brodeur if not more. But I let it go because in the end I liked what I got back in return more.

A few months later, I was searching on HI and a collector put out a call for anyone selling Ryan Murphy cards, well it just so happened that I had a decent one and I would be willing to move! We chatted back and forth and he cited some eBay sales and I cited it had some value to me as a card and in the end we found a very agreeable value where both sides were happy. Knowing I let an important card go away I decided to fix a hole and I landed a SET of 86-87 Topps including Mr Roy.

While the card isn't as nice as the previous, I would suggest it is a solid NrMt (the other was Mint I swear) and the rest of the set is pretty nice. Not having any sets from that year, it is nice to cross 86-87 off my list giving me at least one set a year from 1980-1997 or 98 (can't remember exactly where I stop off). 

As some of you know, I just had wrist surgery to repair a problem I have had since the summer and this is my first post since the procedure. I hope to be back a little more regularly now that I am feeling better and I also have a few sets I want to share as well as countless additions due to trades etc.

Thanks for bearing with me over the past few months of inactivity etc I promise you at least the same quality I had before (setting the bar low here) ;)


  1. Awesome card. I've got that Topps set as well and it's a nice one. Most importantly though, glad to hear things went well and you're back typing after the surgery. Looking forward to many great posts in 2015!

    1. Thank you very much! Did you build it by hand or buy the set complete?

    2. Sort of both, got a very large lot in a trade and went from there! Really nice, under-rated set in my opinion...

    3. I agree in many respects. Lots of decent rookies like MacLean, Suter, Clarke and Beezer but Roy gets all the limelight obviously. Ever consider chasing the OPC? I have had a couple chances but can't convince myself its worth it.

    4. When I get as far back with Topps as I can reasonably go then I may start grabbing some OPC but that's a ways off!

  2. you stole that. Absolutely flat out stole it. wow. Great trade.