Thursday, December 11, 2014

When is a Henrique Auto not a Henrique Auto

The answer is right here:

12-13 SP Game Used Adam Henrique Auto  Alex Pietrangelo Auto
This card is one that definitely proves that sticker autos are a bad idea. I showed this one to Upper Deck and a fellow collector of Henriques. Thankfully the fellow collector was able to shed some light on it. Apparently they all came out this way and while the production was pretty limited but with all coming out of the factory this way it isn't like it is a one of a kind. Upper Deck has offered to have replace it of course which is great but the question is what would I get in return? If others have done this does it make this card more rare? I am faced with a tough choice and to complicate things more, I do like Alex Pietrangelo and I don't have any other autos of his.

What do you think I should do?


  1. Oh man that is great. You know there are probably a few collectors out there who wouldn't even look closely enough to realize that. Almost worth keeping for the comedic value if you ask me!

  2. Great point! I have loads of his autos already and none of Alex Pietrangelo so it definitely has that going for it too!