Friday, July 18, 2014

10-11 ITG Enshrined Edgar Laprade Auto Silver /49

Not the start to the summer vacation I was hoping for. Little to no time to post anything to start and then I have seemed to develop some numbness in my one hand that has lasted for over 2 weeks. Typing and writing certainly add to the numbness so I am sadly not going to be able to make a post a day like I had originally hoped at the beginning of the summer. In addition I have to push off my thank you post to Shane for another day or so because I just finished a TTM letter and I seriously can't feel much in a few fingers.

This is a post of hope, hope because I hope it gets better soon and hope because I beat out two snipers on eBay to land this card!

One of a couple certified Laprade autos out there and I missed out on this a couple times so I wanted to make sure I won. Well, fact is you can always win your card if you are willing to pay the most! Bidding on this card was at 99 cents for a very very long time (until about 6 seconds to go) then the prices jumped and in the end, my max was still enough to take it home. But looking at the bidding history there was one bid with 6 seconds to go and another with 1 second to go. Certainly glad I set my max long enough ago that I ended up with this gem and it goes well with some of my other Edgar autos (1 and 2) and his rookie thus cementing my HOF PC collection for him.

So next post my long over due thanks and then I have some birthday breaks to share including a couple boxes of 11/12 Contenders and a box of 10/11 ITG Enshrined!


  1. That is a beauty!!! Hope your hand numbness goes away soon, that does not sound fun.

    1. Thanks! As an aside, I sadly learned this week that Edgar actually passed away at the end of April this year. Had I known that I might have tried even hard to land this card. Luckily for me it didn't have to come to that.

      Thanks for the kind wishes, turns out to be CTS which is something that can be managed most of the time and is just a stroke of bad luck on my end.