Wednesday, October 23, 2013

86-87 OPC Mario Lemieux

Lots of new cards in the last two months to share still thanks to eBay sales. Also, a real generous gift in the mail from a fellow blogger that I am going to share next post (just need time to do it properly). In the meanwhile, here is a Lemieux second year card to look at.

86-87 OPC Mario Lemieux #122
 Look at fresh faced Mario. Years of smoking and stress haven't ravaged his looks yet. I think that is Craig Simpson next to him making this a Craig Simpson Pre-RC!!! Spread the word, lets drive up the value of this card.

I have always been pretty indifferent about this set. I like it more than the 85-86 and 87-88 sets but it falls behind when you consider some of the other cool sets in the 80's. What are your thoughts? 86-87 one of the better ones from the 80's? One of the better ones all-time?


  1. I think the set is alright, nothing too special, but there are a few under-rated cards for sure. Super Mario here is near the top of that list. Great pick-up, I have the Topps version but not OPC...

  2. It's an understated and clean design; no real frills.. The focus is on the player, not the design, which is how it should always be,

  3. I was grumpy at that set when it came out. I was still mad that OPC didn't go back to 396 cards and I thought the print quality was dodgy compared to the stuff they were doing just 3-4 years earlier. The Clark card is very well done.

    Not that that stopped me from cracking at least 10 boxes of it....

    1. Hahaha WOW Clark was the man back then too, I am sure you treasured those cards above all.

  4. Nice Mario, though!