Thursday, September 12, 2013

Parkhurst Project Card 28

The final of my 1951 Parkhurst pickups is an Alex Delvecchio rookie. For regular readers, you may know that Alex is a player who I collect heavily so this card is performing double duty right now! I came across this in auction as I was checking eBay for recent Alex additions and when I saw this I thought it would be perfect for my set. On the lower end condition wise I thought that I could land it for a decent price and sure enough a last second upping of my bid landed it for a very decent price. I was able to use the rest of my birthday money to help subsidize the purchase so in the end the $60.22  I paid was only about 35 out of my pocket.  

Here is the card, the seller stated that it was VG-EX, however, there was a tiny hairline crease on the card. It is located just left of his head at the top. Apart from that, everything was as I expected with some corner wear, solid colouring and no serious staining. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, I contacted the seller and they offered a refund but at the same time I knew a card booking for $400 even in VG condition is probably $100+ card on most BIN's. Sure enough I did some digging and it was half the price of most cards in worse condition so I decided to keep it in the end. I must say I am glad I kept it because it does fit well in my set because it isn't in the worst or best condition and being one of the higher booking card it is nice to have some integrity to the set. I think my goal is a VG set in the end so Alex is right in the mark for me.


Card # 63 and # 28 of my set

Percentage Complete:


Cost of the Card:

$35.22 of my money

Total Cost of Set to Date:



  1. $60 for a legend like Delvecchio is nothing to sneeze at. Another great pickup!

  2. Very nice. Even with the crease, sounds like a solid deal - and for a favourite player, too!

  3. Thanks guys, I did come to that realization after the shock of the crease :)