Sunday, August 25, 2013

09-10 SPX Winning Combos Modano and Ciccarelli - This is what Game Used should look like

When it comes to game used cards I have seen some pretty great ones and some pretty sad ones. However, on the surface some might classify this card as being pretty sad, but I see a gem!

09-10 SPX Winning Combos Modano and Ciccarelli
What do I love about this card? Lets start with the swatches. Sure plain white swatches could be a drag, but I like the white/cream combo big time. Dino was a North Star during the 80's and this swatch makes me believe that it was from a uniform during that time period. Meanwhile, Modano had only 2 games of overlap with Dino and that was as a call-up in the 88-89 playoffs which means I have no problem with his swatch being white as he was a more recent member of the team.

Now lets move on to the photography. Both feature excellent North Stars photos which just adds to the coolness of this because Mike only spent 4 seasons with the North Stars and is best remembered as a Dallas Star where they relocated to in 1993. So both of these photos are the players very early in their careers and both feature the slick North Stars away jerseys but have some white on them as well which again can help the owner of the card believe that the photo and swatch go together.

The last thing I like about this card is the player choices. Sure these two weren't exactly line-mates having only played 2 games together but when you think Minnesota North Stars, I have three players that come to my mind. Modano, Ciccarelli and Broten. So here are two of the more iconic North Stars together and both are HOF'ers, Mike having scored 541 career goals and Dino having scored 608 career goals.

So there you have it, a card that could easily find its way into a dollar bin somewhere has a fan out there who thinks that UD got it right this time and made a great piece of art. Unlike that frankencard that I have of Dino Ciccarelli where he is pictured in a North Stars uniform and there is an ugly red swatch on the card, in my opinion that is how game used cards shouldn't be made!

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