Monday, September 17, 2012

Marcus Kruger Autos

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have actually gone out trying to get a few more Rookie Treasures rookies because I do like the design and they can be had for pretty reasonable prices considering what you get, player worn, /499 and autographed. I actually doubled-down on a pair of Marcus Kruger Rookie Treasure cards and an additional Kruger auto. 

Here is the Rookie Treasure. I don't need to scan both of them because both swatches and autos look very similar. If anyone is interested in one of them, I am sure I can part with one.

This auto is way more bad-ass! I love the photo, the auto is on card and it is numbered out of 50. The more and more I look at this one, it is by far a superior card and since I won't likely be buying any boxes of Prime, I think buying singles of cards like this one above are the way to go! Just a great card in terms of feel, photography and design.


  1. Nice pickups. I really hope Kruger can fill that 2nd Line Center void the Hawks have had for years now Then again, I just hope we have hockey soon.

  2. Thanks, I really hope the league and players sort this out soon. If not, I am seriously going to move my support to the AHL.