Monday, January 30, 2012

53-54 Parkhurst Pick-ups

Back in the summer I got a chance to pick up my first 53-54 Parkhurst card. It was a Benny Woit card and it represented the first time I ever actually saw a 53-54 Parkie.

Since then, I have fallen in love with them and picked up a few more.

Lee Fogolin
Lee is another player from my hometown and would raise a son (Lee Jr.) who would also make the NHL. Lee Sr. was good enough to make it to two all-star games in his career. His son would win two Cups with the Oilers in the 80's.

Cal Gardner
Love this card, it looks like a nice piece of artwork. Look at Cal's intent look and the captain's patch on a beautiful Bruins sweater. The scans on this card and the next card seem to show sides that aren't even but that isn't true. Both cards are even cuts, but of course have a little rounding on the edges and the odd crease or two. Both Cal and Lee cost me 1.99 on eBay which are steals in my opinion.

Tim Horton
I am most proud of this card. For a card that is almost 60 years old and books for 300, I felt paying 25 for this was a steal of a deal. There are some round corners on it, and a crease across the middle of the card which certainly lower the value. But, this is another case of you need to see this card in person to truly appreciate it. The glare from the toploader certainly ruin the scan, but you will have to take my word on the impressiveness of this little piece of cardboard.
Here is the back shot. Again you can see a little damage on the corners and the crease is more obvious on the back.

So with these three, it brings my 53-54 total up to 4. Not sure what I will do in the long run if I am just going after singles or the set, but in the meanwhile if I am seeing them at a good price, I am going to grab them.

I should also add, I have an Andy Bathgate RC coming soon....Will share when it arrives...


  1. Very nice stuff indeed! Love the Horton. All three players are interesting. Both Gardner and Fogolin had sons play in the NHL. In the famous flying shot of Bill Barilko, the player looking back over his shoulder and watching Bill in mid-flight was Cal Gardner.

  2. Great stuff, particularly the Gardner and Horton. Awesome additions to any collection!

  3. Thanks guys! Neat info about Gardner, I certainly was drawn to the card when I saw it online and knew it would be worth a couple bucks to try and win....I actually like the Gardner card more than I could have imagined.