Monday, November 7, 2011

Trade Bait and other pick-ups

Well my Tigers fell short of making it to the World Series, but there was some consolation in my fantasy baseball team upset a few teams and made it to the finals. I ended up losing on the last day but I earned a few bucks which allowed me to have some eBay fun.

I decided to go hunting for some deals and here is what I picked up. Some good trade bait and a few things I was looking for.

10-11 ITG Decades Auto - Wayne Babych
10-11 Score Rookie Update Box Set
Been wanting this for a few months. My auto hit was a decent prospect, Jordan Caron.

10-11 ITG Decades Auto - Wally Weir
10-11 ITG Heroes and Prospects Auto - Matt Puempel
Puempel is off to a great start with 11 goals in 18 games.

06-07 Sweet Shot Rookie - Evgeni Malkin
These rookies are seriously undervalued!

98-99 BAP Auto - Pierre Turgeon
Pierre will likely be a Hall of Famer and a great addition to the collection.

07-08 Sweet Shot Auto - Alexander Radulov
Love these autos. I would buy them all day for 99 cents a piece.

I also picked up a 90-91 Wayne Gretzky UD Promo. I will save those scans for a later date.


  1. Man, I remember Wally Weir, he was as tough as they come. That Malkin is a nice card as well, nice pickups all around!!

  2. Great cards, I especially like the Babych auto, good stuff!