Monday, July 11, 2011

06-07 Be A Player Box Break

Well my wife being the great gal she is, decided to fuel my addiction and buy me a box of cards for my b-day. I decided that I would go with a box of 06-07 Be A Player. Why, you ask? Well, a box costs about 50 bucks, 70 if you included taxes and shipping. What do you get? 10 hits. 8 autographed cards, 1 will be a dual auto and 2 rookies. There are other inserts but I ignore them and just consider this product to have 10 hits. So the value of 7 bucks per hit which I felt is very reasonable!

I feel that I will be ahead of the game if I can get 1 or 2 autos I really like and a decent rookie card.

So now that I made my case, here is the box.

The Rookies- They are numbered to 999.

Clarke MacArthur
Clarke had a breakout season with the Leafs. 21 goals and 62 points aren't too shabby. Didn't have any of his RCs before this so I am glad I pulled it.

Ryan Potulny
The opposite is true here. I have almost all his RCs and I am still waiting for him to breakout. He might as well be the next Keith Aucoin as he can do stuff in the AHL but struggles to produce in the NHL.

The Autographs

Martin Havlat
Wow, the shocker of the summer for me was this trade. Clearly Havlat for Heatley was a money move and a locker room move in my opinion. Both are very talented and a trade could benefit both teams in my opinion. A good auto to get in my books, love that he numbered his!

Rollie the Goalie
Proved he still had what it takes to block NHL rubber. TB has decided to renew his contract so that will mean Tokarski and Desjardins will have to wait another year for the shot at starting full time but TB clearly thinks they are close to winning another Cup. Can't quite read this auto, but another solid hit.

Mike Van Ryn
Former Devils draft pick was the weakest hit in the box in my opinion. He spurned us when we drafted him and therefore never won a Cup. Glad he didn't too! Now is an assistant coach for the Ice Dogs in the OHL.

Jeff Carter
I wasn't too surprised to see him get traded, and the Blue Jackets are better for this one. I hope he can maintain he goal production as he broke 30 goals for the 3rd year in a row. Blue Jacket fans deserve a decent team and Carter, Nash and Umburger will help that possibly be a reality.

Henrik Sedin
This is a great hit. Henrik has averaged 103 points a season over the last two seasons and is the owner of a very interesting auto. I believe he numbered it....but some might argue those aren't numbers...

Elias and Rafalski
Each box has one dual auto and fittingly enough, mine is a Devils auto. Love it....I didn't have either auto in my collection and between the two of them there are 5 Stanley Cups and 3 Olympic medals. Elias is also the owner of 7 NJ Devil records and 2 NHL records (most career overtime goals and most overtime goals in a season).

If this was the end of the box, I would consider it a success and then some....but there were also two rookie autos in the box!

Luc Bourdon
This card has mixed feelings to me. Happy to pull the card as he was an amazing prospect with talent to spare. I loved seeing him with the gold with the 06 and 07 WJHC teams. Sad because he passed away in 2008 when he crashed his motorcycle. He probably would have never won 8 straight Norris trophies but he would have been an excellent NHL defenseman with All-Star potential.

Jordan Staal this hit a lot and it is probably the most valuable card of the box. How valuable? Well I don't know, my Beckett doesn't list the value but they seem to be on sale on eBay for prices between 20 and 50 bucks. This card is flawless, and was enough to make this box a huge success for me.

Now the box is over, the question remains....Do I get another? There are many other great rookies in the box and other autos but 50 bucks plus tax and shipping can get some pretty good vintage cards too!


  1. nice hits for sure.... looks like another!

  2. Wow you made out really well. It would be hard to pass up another after those pulls for that price...

  3. Wanna make a trade for the Boudron RC AUTO?!
    Let me know what you want in return...either post a comment for me on my blog or throw me out an email!!

  4. Happy belated Bday bud.
    And what a solid gift from the wife. She is a keeper:)