Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada vs USA

Today looks to be one of the most exciting hockey games in the last 30 years. The Americans I feel have really added to the drama first off by winning the round robin game and thus making themselves the favourites to win and secondly by Patrick Kane calling out Luongo in his little way.

As a hockey fan, I would love for this to be a great game that is decided by the players and not by the officials so I am hoping for great hockey and no controversy. But as a Canadian, I am hoping we wipe the floor with the Americans and show some dominance in the sport once again.

But whatever happens today, I am sure it will be talked about for some time. I think the key for the Canadians to be successful will likely fall on the shoulders of Jonathon Toews. This young centre has had an amazing tournament thus far and really has played excellent as a second line centre. If he ends up having a big game I think that will be all Canada needs because it will really relieve the stress from the first and third lines and allow them more room to operate which in turn will lead to more production.

For the Americans to be successful, I think they need their best players to be the best players on the ice. That roll will fall on to Zach Parise. Zach is a noted Canadian killer. He won the World Juniors on his own back in 2004. He, Langenbrunner and former Devil Brian Rafalski were the key reasons the Americans won the round robin game. If Zach steps up his game, I think that will make it tough for the Canadians to over come and with an unproven Luongo in net it may be too much.

No matter the outcome, I think it will be an excellent opportunity to showcase North America's finest players and I personally am looking forward to it.

My prediction for what it is worth is Canada 4 USA 2.
Toews will have 2 points and Parise will have a goal.

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