Friday, November 20, 2015

The best pack of my life on one of the worst days.

So there is one day that will probably live in infamy for as long as I can remember and while that day had some sadness in it, it didn't start off as a bad day and in fact for about 20 hours of it, it was a great day. Then towards the end of the day, it went south, but I am not going to focus on those remaining 4 hours or the first 16 hours. Instead I am going to focus on 20 minutes I spent in my LCS on Sept 21st and experienced something truly awesome and memorable.

So on my way home from work to pick up a few things, I decided to stop off at the LCS and see my man Mike and shoot the breeze. Truth is I also had 6 dollars in change in my pocket and felt he was better off with it than I was so I figured I would go and make a donation. Upon arriving I saw that he sold a mini-box of 13-14 Trilogy and I asked how the results were. He said that he picked the box for the customer and they hit a Gretzky Auto'd puck. I was impressed and stated that clearly you have the magic touch. Mike laughed and agreed and I proceeded to browse his recent additions. Not seeing much that interested me I looked over at the few boxes he had and decided I had two options for my 6 dollars. A pack of 13-14 Black Diamond, 14-15 Black Diamond or 2 packs of 15-16 OPC. Not being a huge fan of modern OPC I went for the 13-14 BD due to better rookie selection and was hopeful for a Mackinnon. There were only about 4 packs left so I asked Mike and his magic touch to pick a pack for me and he does and then I put the others back and pay the man.

I start by opening the top of the pack and peering down I see.....decoy. I remark, hey no jersey card but there could still be a rookie or an auto. I tear into the pack from the back because that is how I roll and see a base card immediately. Slowly I move that card away and see...base card. Teasing myself I move the next base away slowly and see...4 diamonds. Excitement! Then I see a congratulations! I lose it and put the cards down that I haven't looked at yet and just am holding the first two base and the congratulations card. Turning it over I see....

13-14 Black Diamond Quad Diamond Joe Sakic Emerald Auto /10

Sorry for the scan, once I got into the one touch, there was no way it was touching my scanner or my hands again. These are notoriously condition sensitive so a bad scan is what we all have to live with.

I couldn't believe it! I immediately remark this is one of the best packs I've ever opened and am pleased with the results. Mike is amazed at his own luck and we all joke and get Joe safely into storage. Then I say, hey I should look at the rest of the pack joking there might be something else in there but secretly knowing it's all base.

Well immediately on the other side of my decoy was this card!

13-14 Black Diamond Single Diamond Justin Williams Emerald Auto /10

Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday! I can't believe it, both Mike and random shopper in the store are now floored at the results. I immediately correct myself and state that this is the best pack I have ever opened and float to cloud 9 on my absolutely amazing luck. After the dust settles, I chat with Mike and random guy for a few more minutes and then I leave thinking how amazing the day was and how I would never forget that pack or that day....funny huh? Sometimes life is strange, but that pack is my best to date as I write this and I am hopeful that I could perhaps top it someday.

Both cards are for trade or sale in someone is interested in either/or.


  1. Whoa! I don't open too much hobby wax but I've CERTAINLY never busted a pack like that. Congrats Dave!!!

  2. Fantastic pack! A Sakic auto /10 for $6, damn!

  3. This Joe Sakic collector is very envious right now. Emerald Green with envy....

    Congrats on the great pull Dave!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Robert, your pun is especially fantastic.

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